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Georgetown Texas Government

City Council

Vision of the Council

Georgetown: A caring community honoring our past and innovating for the future.

Which District do I live in?

The City Council meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at the Council and Court Building, 510 West Ninth Street, unless otherwise noted on the agenda. Meetings are recorded and re-broadcast on Suddenlink cable channel 10 at 6 p.m. on the Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday following each meeting.  The meeting may also be watched live on Facebook:

To view campaign finance and expense reports, please click here.

How do I vote?

Click on the link below to the Secretary of State’s website to locate your voter information page.

My Voter Information

How do I address Council?

Check out our Meeting Procedures Page!

Governance Policy

The City Council adopted a governance policy outlining the responsibilities City Council members have to each other, to staff, and to the public. Click here to read the Governance Policy.

Council Strategic Vision

In February 2021, the Georgetown City Council met to review and define their Council Governance Policy, Council Rules of Engagement, Governance Initiatives, and Vision and Mission. They also created a Strategic Plan for the City to set priorities for 2021 with areas of emphasis including governance, growth, housing, downtown, and economic development. Click here to read through the Council’s Strategic Initiatives and Goals.

City Council Strategic Initiatives and Goals Feb 2021

City Council Report and Strategic Plan 4-13-2021

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