ADA Advisory Board

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The Americans with Disabilities Accessibility Advisory Board makes recommendations to the City Council regarding accessibility and other issues of concern to persons with disabilities.  This Committee reviews the City’s ADA Transition Plan on an annual basis and participates in the related processes to implement and/or amend the ADA Transition Plan as necessary.

Meeting Date, Time, & Location:

The ADA Board meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:00 PM at the Georgetown Municipal Complex, 300-1 Industrial Ave., Georgetown, Texas.  The meeting date and time is determined each year at the first meeting after a new Board is appointed.

Board Rosters:
  • Jonathan Dade (Chair): Term Ends 02/2019
  • Anya Juan Risco (Vice-Chair): Term Ends 02/2019
  • John Oliver (Secretary): Term Ends 02/2020
  • Erin Curra-Spurger: Term Ends 02/2020
  • Thomas Stidvent: Term Ends 02/2020
  • Cynthia Eisman: Term Ends 02/2020
  • Lavera Patton: Term Ends 02/2019
Board Liaison(s):
Board By-laws:
Board Agendas & Minutes: