2030 Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee

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The purpose of this steering committee is to provide recommendations to  City Council and the joint work sessions with the Planning and Zoning Commission and act as ambassadors of the Plan, building consensus within the Community.

The Steering Committee will meet the first Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm.

Members of the Committee include:

  • Mayor Dale Ross, Chair
  • Anna Eby,Councilperson
  • Tommy Gonzales, Councilperson
  • Ercel Brashear, Planning and Zoning Commissioner
  • Josh Schroeder, Historic and Architectural Review Commissioner
  • Doug Noble, Georgetown Transportation Advisory Board member
  • Danelle Houck, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board member
  • Lou Sneed, Housing Advisory Board member
  • PJ Stevens, Development Professional
  • Suzy Pukys, Non-profit, Community group representative
  • Scott Stribling, GISD representative
  • Linda McCalla, Citizen-at-large
  • Rhonda Mundhenk, JD, MPH, Citizen-at-large
  • Hugh Brown, Chamber of Commerce representative
  • Wendy Cash, Chamber of Commerce representative
  • Paul Secord, Southwestern University representative
Agendas and Minutes: