Boards & Commissions

Georgetown Utility System Advisory Board (GUS)

The GUS Board makes recommendations to City Council regarding staff presentations related to capital improvement projects and priorities, utility services, resource supplies and other Council-assigned projects.  For more information about Georgetown Utilities, please visit

Number of positions: 7

Meeting date: 2nd Friday of each month at 2:00 p.m. at the Georgetown Municipal Complex, 300-1 Industrial Ave.

(The meeting date and time is determined each year at the first meeting after a new Board is appointed)

Board Member (Position): Term Ending

  • Bill Stump (Chair): 2/17
  • Michael Cunningham (Vice Chair): 2/17
  • Joyce Mapes (Secretary): 2/18
  • John Coplan: 2/18
  • Steve Fought: 6/17
  • Ed Pastor: 2/18
  • Edward Wiley: 2/18

Board Liaison: Sheila Mitchell, Administrative Assistant, Georgetown Utility Systems,  (512) 931-7709 or

GUS Bylaws:  Utility Systems Advisory Board Bylaws 12.2015 signed

GUS Agendas:  Utility Systems Advisory Board Agendas

GUS Minutes:  Utility Systems Advisory Board Minutes