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Georgetown Village Public Improvement District Advisory Board (GVPID)

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The Georgetown Village Public Improvement District was formed by Resolution of the City Council in 1999, as a financing vehicle for costs associated with the construction, maintenance and operation of certain public improvements consistent with the Georgetown Village PUD Concept Plan. The annual assessment levied by the City is $0.14 per $100 valuation (per lot) to pay the annual cost of the maintenance of the public improvements.  These improvements can be parks, recreational facilities, alleyways (repair, maintenance and replacement), lighting (maintenance and replacement), landscaping general grounds maintenance, nature trails, hardscape and plant replacement), irrigation maintenance, signage, water and electricity and administrative costs to supplement the normal city operations and maintenance of those amenities.

The Board consists of seven (7) members, and up to three (3) alternates, appointed by the Mayor, and confirmed by City Council.  Five of the members shall be resident homeowners in the Georgetown Village subdivision and two members shall be representatives of the developers of Georgetown Village.  At such time as the development of Georgetown Village 811 acre project is complete, the two Development Members shall resign and be replaced by two resident members.  The term of office for resident members is two years, with an option for re-appointment, for a total of four consecutive years.

Meeting Date, Time, & Location:

2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the West Side Service Center located at  5501 Williams Dr. Georgetown, TX  78633.

Board Roster:
  • Resident Member (Chair): Melinda Marler: 2/19 (Second full term)
  • Resident Member (Vice Chair): Brian Ortego: 2/18 (First full term)
  • Resident Member (Secretary): Kathryn Porter: 2/19 (First full term)
  • Resident Member: Marlene McMichael: 2/19 (First partial term)
  • Resident Member: Richard Harrison: 2/18 (First full term)
  • Alternate Resident Member #1: Norma Baker: 2/18 (First alternate term)
  • Alternate Resident Member #2: Cara McKinney: 2/18 (First alternate term)
  • Developer Member: Penny Evans: Developer Member (No term limits)
  • Developer Member: Gary Newman: Developer Member (No term limits)
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