Parks and Recreation Board

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This Board advises the City Council on the uses of parkland, parks, recreational facilities, improvements in programs and activities, and facilities to meet community recreation needs and interests.  Find out about the great resources in the Parks and Recreation Department at

Meeting Date, Time, & Location:

2nd Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Parks Administration Building, 1101 N. College Street, Georgetown, Texas.  The meeting date and time is determined each year at the first meeting after a new Board is appointed.

Board Roster:
  • James Hougnon (Chair): 2nd Full Term ends 02/2020
  • Wayne Beyer: 2nd Full Term ends 02/2021
  • Danelle Houck: 2nd Full Tern ends 02/2021
  • Larry Gambone: 2nd Full Tern ends 02/2021
  • Katherine Kainer: 1st Full Term ends 02/2020
  • Scott Macmurdo: 2nd Full Term ends 02/2020
  • Michael Simpson: 2nd Full Term ends 02/2020
Board Liaison:
Board By-laws:
Board Agendas & Minutes: