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Planning and Zoning Commission

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The Planning and Zoning Commission is an appointed seven member body assigned the task of reviewing various types of development related applications and providing recommendations on such to the Georgetown City Council.  These applications cover topics such as future land uses planned for the City, zoning of properties to determine current land uses and development standards, the subdivision of properties and many more.  The Commission utilizes several documents to make decisions, including the Unified Development Code (UDC) and the Comprehensive Plan (2030 Plan), so extensive use and knowledge of these documents can be expected.  For this reason, the Commission is also granted up to three members in training for anyone interested in becoming part of the group but wanting to learn more about the Commission and its responsibilities.  Learn more about Planning in Georgetown at

Meeting Date, Time, & Location:

1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at City Council Chambers located at 101 East 7th Street, Georgetown, Texas.  The meeting date and time is determined each year at the first meeting after a new Board is appointed.

Commission Roster:
  • Josh Schroeder (Chair): 2/19
  • Kevin Pitts (Vice Chair): 2/18
  • Tim Bargainer (Secretary): 2/18
  • Alex Fuller: 2/18
  • Jerry Hammerlun: 2/19
  • John Marler (GTAB Rep): 2/19
  • Andy Webb (GISD Rep): 2/18
  • Aaron Albright (Alternate Commissioner #1): 2/18
  • Robert Perthuis (Alternate Commissioner #2): 2/18
Commission Liaison:
Commission By-laws:
Commission Agendas & Minutes: