Unified Development Code Advisory Committee

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The Unified Development Code Advisory Committee was established by Ordinance in November, 2013.  This board consists of  7 members and began operating in March, 2014.

All members shall reside in the corporate City limits or the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City.  The Committee shall include one member from each of the following categories:

Past Planning & Zoning Commissioner; Current Planning & Zoning Commissioner; Developer currently active in the local area; Georgetown Chamber of Commerce member; Homebuilder currently active in the local area; Individual with technical expertise related to the development industry such as a surveyor, architect, developer, engineer, land planner, etc. – either active or retired; and a Citizen at Large.

The purpose and goals of the Unified Development Code Advisory Committee shall be:

  • To review proposed or requested amendments to the Unified Development Code (the UDC) other than executive amendments which are those amendments that are nondiscretionary, mandatory, or legislative revisions necessary to address state statutes or case laws, ratify published director interpretations, incorporate recentlyly approved Council ordinances, process City Council designated emergency items, or address revisions otherwise determined necessary by legal counsel;
  • To make recommendations and advise the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council on the proposed amendments to the UDC;
  • To provide an additional forum for public participation and input regarding proposed amendments to the UDC; and
  • To assist the general public in understanding the proposed amendments to the UDC.

The meeting date and time for the Unified Development Code Advisory Committee is the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 3:30 PM (as needed) in the Historic Light and Water Works Building located at 406 West 8th Street, Georgetown, Texas.

Committee Roster:
  • Tim Haynie (Chair): Term Ends 02/2019
  • Tim Bargainer: Term Ends 02/2019
  • Tracy Dubcak: Term 02/2020
  • Brett Danaher: Term Ends 02/2019
  • John Philpott: Term Ends 02/2020
  • PJ Stevens: Term 02/2019
  • Jason Wirth: Term Ends 02/2020
Committee Liaisons
Committee By-laws:
Committee Agendas & Minutes: