Williams Drive TIRZ

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Williams Drive Gateway Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) was created by Ordinance No. 2006-104 and the duration is through December 31, 2031.  The TIRZ was created to facilitate a program of public improvements to allow and encourage the development and redevelopment of the Williams Drive Gateway area into a mixed use, pedestrian oriented environment consistent with the goals of the City’s Williams Drive Gateway Redevelopment Plan.  Public improvements scheduled for the Zone include, but are not limited to, the construction of:  (i) sidewalks, cross walks and pedestrian crossing systems (ii) storm sewers and drainage ponds, (iii) sanitary sewers, (iv) landscaping, streetscape, fountains, works of art, and street furniture, (v) plazas, squares, pedestrian malls, trails and other public spaces, (vi) parking lots and roadways, (vii) utility line relocation and installation, (viii) water system improvements (ix) parks, and outdoor performance spaces, (x) bicycle routes and facilities, (xi) public transportation projects, (xii) signage, and (xiii) other related necessary or convenient public improvements.

TIRZ Members:
  • Dale Ross (Chair): Mayor
  • David Morgan: City Manager
  • Steve West: Chief Financial Officer, GISD
  • Rachael Jonrowe: Council Member District 6
  • Brad Curlee: Banker
TIRZ Originating Ordinance:
TIRZ Agendas: