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City Council / Boards & Commission Agendas 

Notice: All Public Meeting Agendas are posted in an application with different features.  As of October 3, 2022 the agendas will look different and be displayed in a different way, but the content will remain the same.  Each Agenda will still have the name of the body having the meeting, but this list will also include the date and time of the upcoming meeting, along with a link to an agenda and agenda packet.

New: On this page, anyone may sign up to receive an email with a link to any/all of our posted agendas.  This allows automatic notice of citywide posted agendas.  See the email subscription box at the top of the page.


All Public Meeting Agendas are posted at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.  Each Agenda is listed as a pdf.  The Agenda packet opens as a pdf with links to the individual agenda item cover sheet and attachments.  The list shows upcoming meetings for one week.  Any previous meetings are listed in the tabs below.

Archived Agendas, anything prior to October 3, 2022 are available for research here:

To search for an item or topic on an agenda, complete as many filters as you have on the agendas page, and hit the Search button.  This could bring up many agendas.  To find the item that you are searching for, open the PDF version of an agenda.  You can scan the entire packet for the highlighted text, or type Ctrl+F and reenter the text for quicker identification of the highlighted text.  Please email if you need assistance.

Archived Agendas, after October 3, 2022 will be available, as a link to the meeting, on the new agenda page after the minutes are approved at the next meeting.

Board and Commission and City Council Minutes

Public Meeting Minutes are on file from 1866 through the present.  Records are kept in Laserfiche and are searchable.  Here is the link:  Laserfiche Records  Minutes are filed under the City Secretary’s office.  Board and Commission Minutes are filed according to the Board name and are searchable in Laserfiche.

Public Meeting Minutes posted after October 3, 2022 are also shown with the agenda packets, once the draft is approved at the next meeting.

Read details about our Boards and Commissions.

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