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Outdoor Warning Sirens

The City’s 23 outdoor warning sirens are tested on the first Saturday of the month at 11 a.m. with two back-to-back, 60 second audible tests.

In addition, the City conducts what is known as a “growl test” on each of the following Saturdays. A growl test is similar to the monthly test except the sound only lasts a few seconds. Testing each Saturday allows the City to ensure the sirens are working and helps prevent the sirens from seizing or failing.

No testing will be conducted during severe weather or if there is a threat of severe weather to avoid confusion.

The outdoor warning sirens are used to warn people who are outside to seek shelter. They are activated to warn of severe weather or other emergencies such as a hazardous chemical incident.

The outdoor warning sirens are only one method of alerting the public about an emergency. Residents are encouraged to use multiple means of warning, such as a NOAA weather radio and to register their phones to receive emergency alerts at You may register multiple mobile phones or landlines to receive alerts.
Warn Central Texas | Capital Area Council of Governments

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