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Video FAQ

Where am I able to view City Council meetings in real time online?

To watch City Council meetings as they are happening, please logon to

How do I play City Council meetings online?

Select the meeting you would like to view – either Workshop or Regular. On the far right hand menu, click “Play”.

If you are interested in a particular agenda item, click the item you wish to view. As you scroll over each section of the agenda, it will be highlighted in blue. Once you’ve located the item of interest, click on that item to skip ahead to that discussion in the video.

Am I able to see previous City Council meetings online?

Yes, you may view City Council meetings online as far back as April 26, 2011.

If you are interested in reviewing previous City Council agendas and meeting minutes, logon to

How can I address City Council at a meeting?

Many options are available for citizens to speak at City Council meetings and share their perspective.

If you wish to speak on an item posted on the agenda, review the following information:

If you would like to discuss something that is not posted on the agenda, please fill out the following form: “a Request to Address Council”. This form must be submitted to the City Secretary by noon on the Tuesday prior to the City Council meeting to be included in the agenda posting.

To share your perspective on upcoming agenda items with your Council Member, please feel free to mail a letter to Attn: City Council (Member Name), P.O. Box 409, Georgetown, TX 78627, email, or call your Council Member. Email and phone number information for your Council Member may be found at

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