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Ceremonial Documents

A ceremonial document is a proclamation, letter or certificate that may congratulate, honor or recognize a city of Georgetown resident or organization and is bestowed at the discretion of the Mayor. Requesting such a document requires use of the form below to be considered, and forms submitted without the required information will result in processing delays.  Please make requests at least 3 weeks in advance of desired pick-up, emailed date or meeting date.  Once the request is received, staff will confirm receipt and follow up with any additional questions related to your request.

Ceremonial Documents Criteria
Ceremonial documents are reserved for people, places or events that positively contribute to the economic, social and/or cultural fabric of the City of Georgetown.

Ceremonial documents are at the Mayor’s discretion, but will not be issued if:

      • The request promotes campaigns, events or ideological and political beliefs that are contrary to the policies or laws of the City of Georgetown or not of a generally inclusive and harmonious benefit to the greater Georgetown community, or
      • The request is for commercial/for-profit purposes, or
      • The proclaimed day, week or month coincides with federally recognized holidays.



A proclamation is an official 11 x 14-inch certificate type document, signed and sealed by the Mayor and City Secretary, that is issued for the following occasions and presented at a regular City Council meeting (second and fourth Tuesdays of each month).  If you want the Mayor to present this at another time or location, please include that request on the form. You will be contacted for possible scheduling.  Proclamations include:

      • Significant events in Georgetown or benefiting the citizens of Georgetown
      • Local, state or national recognition of an awareness day, week, or month for a cause that directly affects or impacts Georgetown citizens (ex: Fire Prevention Month)
      • Organizations and/or individuals who have made a significant contribution to society
      • Significant events or anniversaries of Georgetown-based institutions and companies
      • A proclamation is generally 200 to 250 words in length maximum, inclusive of ceremonial language using the “whereas” format.

Required Information: When submitting, please attach a copy or sample text of the occasion you are wishing to have recognized, if available. Proclamations are issued at the discretion of the Mayor.

Please complete the request form.

Letter of Welcome, Congratulation or Celebration

A letter of welcome is a document on City of Georgetown letterhead that will be either mailed or emailed (.pdf format) to you once complete, and may be requested for the following occasions:

  • Conferences, seminars or Special Events held in Georgetown (we do not provide welcome bags or gifts – contact the Georgetown Convention and Visitors Bureau for assistance)
  • Class Reunions for schools and institutions that are in Georgetown, or for reunions that are held in Georgetown
  • Family Reunions
  • Religious anniversaries and celebrations
  • Eagle Scout Award or Girl Scout Gold Award
  • Honorary Citizenship – foreign dignitaries, prominent individuals, entertainers, or artists

Required information: You should provide the title or reason for your event, a date, a brief history of the organization, or information about the person, and any other information you feel is significant.

Please complete the request form.

Certificates of Appreciation and Recognition

A certificate is an 8.5 by 11.5-inch official City of Georgetown document on special stationary that is issued for the following events:

      • Civic celebrations in Georgetown
      • Outstanding contributions to the city and citizens of Georgetown
      • Heroism
      • Significant birthdays (starting at 90th birthdays and the years thereafter) or anniversaries (25 years, 30 years, 35 years, etc.) of Georgetown residents
      • Significant pastor and church anniversaries (20 years, 25 years etc.) in Georgetown

Required information: A brief summary about the occasion or individual to be honored and their accomplishments, involvement or impact on the community, date of recognition or event, type of event planned, and any other significant information relevant to the request.  

Please complete the request form.

Contact Karen Frost, Assistant City Secretary at 512-930-3651  or with any questions related to ceremonial documents.

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