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The City of Georgetown is fortunate to have a large number of citizens who are willing to volunteer their time, energy, and expertise to serve the community as members of our various boards and committees.

The Annual Appointment process for all city Boards and Commissions is changing.  Board members who are currently serving and whose first term is expiring in February were recently asked to stay on until September 30, 2023.  Our new term periods will begin on October 1, coinciding with our fiscal year.  A letter from the City was sent to all current board and commission members explaining the upcoming changes.  These changes were directed by Council but will not occur until Council takes full action at a regular scheduled meeting in early 2023.

As part of this action, some boards will be consolidated and some will be omitted in an effort to maximize efficiency of staff and volunteer time.   Once the new structure is implemented in the new year, you will see the following changes:

    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Board duties will roll to Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) and be disbanded as an official City board. ADA issues will be handled through City staff when applicable.
    • Commission on Aging actions and reviews will roll to Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) for any necessary actions and be disbanded as an official City board.
    • Convention and Visitors Bureau Advisory Board activities will shift to an internal administrative process and be disbanded as an official City board.
    • GEDCO and GTEC will be combined to have the same members.
    • Georgetown Transportation Advisory Board actions and reviews will roll into P&Z and be disbanded as a standalone board.
    • Rivery TIRZ will combine with Wolf Lakes TIRZ.
    • Williams Drive TIRZ will combine with the Triangle TIRZ.
    • P&Z and ZBA will be combined to have the same members.
    • General Government and Finance (GGAF) actions will shift to a subcommittee of Council and this board will be disbanded as an official city board.
    • Unified Development Code Advisory Commission will be reviewed after the UDC update is completed, possibly rolling into P&Z in the future. The UDC Rewrite Task Force will be meeting during this interim period.
    • Youth Advisory Board will become an informal group and be disbanded as an official City board.

We plan to make these change in early 2023, with the boards being disbanded in effect early 2023.

To see information regarding the City appointed Boards and Commissions, please read the information below and then click the link:    

    • General Information: Some boards will have vacancies which are available for instant filling.  Those boards will show a vacancy in the Board Details Tab, and will be listed in the Vacancies Tab. These vacancies are being filled outside of the annual application process, and appointment may be made when necessary to fill the seats on the board.
    • Board details, including description, staff liaison and bylaws, along with the Member Roster for each board are available by clicking on Boards and choosing the board you are interested in. Board Details are given for each Board.
    • Appointments are made by recommendation of the Mayor, and approval of the Council, as needed during the year.
    • Each regular term will now begin October 1 for all new and reappointed members.  Terms are usually two-year terms and are staggered on each board so that a board always has experienced members.
    • During the year, applications may only be submitted for a board if there is a vacancy on that board. Those vacancies are listed on the Vacancies Tab and applications are only available for those boards.
    • If an application is submitted, and you are not appointed, your application will be kept on file for a year in case any vacancies occur. You will be contacted if your application is chosen for appointment.
    • Most Boards require you to be a Georgetown resident, or reside in the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, unless the ordinance or law creating the board or commission states otherwise. Some boards seek to have certain areas of expertise, i.e. Animal Shelter Advisory Board seeks local veterinarians.  The requirements for each board are listed in the Details Tab, and on the application.

For more information about applying for a board or committee, contact the City Secretary’s office at 512-930-3651 or

To address a Board or Commission, please read here.

To file a Conflict of Interest Form, please read here.

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