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The Annual Appointment process for all city Boards and Commissions has concluded.  Board members who are currently serving and whose first term is expiring in February were asked to reapply.  New appointments were made on Tuesday, February 8th at the Council’s regular meeting.  Boards who currently have full membership will show No Vacancies.  Only those boards with a vacancy will be available as an option when completing an application. New annual terms begin March 1, 2022.

To see information regarding the City appointed Boards and Commissions, please read the information below and then click the link:    

    • General Information: Some boards will have vacancies which are available for instant filling.  Those boards will show a vacancy in the Board Details Tab, and will be listed in the Vacancies Tab. These vacancies are being filled outside of the annual application process, and appointment may be made when necessary to fill the seats on the board.

    • Board details, including description, staff liaison and bylaws, along with the Member Roster for each board are available by clicking on Boards and choosing the board you are interested in. Board Details are given for each Board.

    • Appointments are made by recommendation of the Mayor, and approval of the Council in February, or as needed during the year.

    • Each regular term begins March 1 for all new and reappointed members.  Terms are usually two-year terms and are staggered on each board so that a board always has experienced members.

    • During the year, applications may only be submitted for a board if there is a vacancy on that board. Those vacancies are listed on the Vacancies Tab and applications are only available for those boards.

    • If an application is submitted, and you are not appointed, your application will be kept on file for a year in case any vacancies occur. You will be contacted if your application is chosen for appointment.

    • Most Boards require you to be a Georgetown resident, or reside in the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, unless the ordinance or law creating the board or commission states otherwise. Some boards seek to have certain areas of expertise, i.e. Animal Shelter Advisory Board seeks local veterinarians.  The requirements for each board are listed in the Details Tab, and on the application.

If you need assistance, please contact the City Secretary’s office at 512-930-3651 or

To address a Board or Commission, please read here.

To file a Conflict of Interest Form, please read here.

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